I link your ordinary experience of New York – what you can see, hear and feel – with the history and culture of New York, the nation and the world.

Peter Laskowich: Teacher, Lecturer and Guide

What distinguishes your classes, lectures and tours?

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I go beyond the usual who-what-where-when and into the why and how. My purpose is not to load you with information but to get a few inches of air between your feet and the ground.

What are your qualifications?

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My classes, lectures and tours have run since 1987 and my commentary has been featured on television and radio. New York University, the Gotham Center and the Museum of Natural History have been among my clients. I am a member of the bar with a background in politics and community service.

Are your tours appropriate for children?

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This commentary is adult-level. I do give tours specifically designed for children but otherwise recommend against the inclusion of pre-teens.

Why do some of your tours cost more than others?

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The baseball and other specialty tours generally last longer and always involve far greater detail.

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