I link your ordinary experience – what you can see, hear and feel – with the history and culture of New York, the nation and the world.

Peter Laskowich: Teacher, Lecturer and Guide


Since 1987 I’ve indulged my passion for New York by giving classes, lectures and tours of its history. Among those that have sponsored my presentations are the Museum of Natural History, the Gotham Center and New York University.

We go beyond the usual who-what-where-when and into the why and how – illustrated, for example, by the bend in a road, shape of a building or site of a church. My role is not to load you with facts: it’s to get a few inches of air between your feet and the ground. Maybe that happens now and then.

I am a member of the bar, the former director of a New York nonprofit, and the author of a coming book on the ties between the history of baseball and that of New York City.

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