"I strive to link your ordinary experience of New York – what you can see, hear and feel – with the history and culture of New York."

Peter Laskowich: Historian, Teacher & Guide

Information imparted with wit and eloquence always seems to sink in better and longer, and so I will forever remember your tour of the Grand Central neighbor-
hood.   - E.G.

I loved the hell out of your tours.   - D.H. 

What a remarkable tour guide! There is a depth of information presented in a manner that is equivalent to an off-Broadway show - no, even better.... We are still quoting him - like a song you can't get out of your mind!   - J. and D.

Your tours were the highlight of my trip to New York City.   - L.L. 


Your tour was of superb quality. You have a wonderful gift and you're as much a treasure as anything we have seen or heard while in Manhattan.   - F.M. 

Our tour was such fun. Your real passion for the area made it special.   - L.P.

I've been on a few other walking tours and yours were by far the most compelling, insightful and fun!   - K.C.

Your skills and knowledge - and especially your passion - are without equal.           - P.C.


My major is tourism so I've experienced a lot of guiding, and I have to say yours was great.   - V.L.C.

Peter was a great guide. His knowledge of course was expected but his anecdotal info was very appropriate. He also seemed very prepared and his tour was like a performance that added to the feeling he wanted to deliver. My wife cried.   - A.K.

I have been on many different tours and your combination of facts and visuals was second to none.   - J.D.


This has been the class I have always wanted to take. I learned more about the history of New York in this one class than in all my years of living here.   - H.S.

Thank you for the wonderful baseball tour. Your facts about the game and the growth of this city were delightful. In fact, some members commented to me afterwards how they found your talk so much more stimulating than the game at Yankee Stadium.                   - R.J., American Museum of Natural History


I have read many books on the history (of baseball) and your information seems much more comprehensive.   - E.T.

Your tutelage on the history of baseball was the most informative and enjoyable that I have had the pleasure of hearing in a long time. I particularly enjoyed the way you contextualized and interwove the history of New York City and baseball.    - L.K.

Thank you for a stimulating and fun course!   - K.W.


What a remarkable tour guide! Peter Laskowich was knowledgable, informative, personable, a teacher par excellence. If any of the other guides are close, it will be a memorable experience. We toured Grand Central and the surrounding streets and buildings. There is a depth of infomation presented in a manner that is equivalent to an off-Broadway show - no, even better.... We are still quoting him (like a song you can't get out of your mind!).   - J. and D.

Park Row (near City Hall) was Newspaper Row in 1900.

Madison Square Garden, background, is significant to sports history but so is Madison Square Park, foreground, where baseball was invented.
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